At Mullins Shaolin, we are proud to offer Kung Fu classes for all ages! While most martial arts schools appeal primarily to children, over 80% of our students are adults, with at least 30% being woman.

“Discipline desires determination.” -Elder Master Mullins


The adult Kung Fu program is the curriculum derived from the last Shaolin Temple in Fukien Province; It’s the perfect combination of form and application, strength and flexibility, linear and circular movement, and power and grace. Beginners will start with simple warm-up exercises, self-defense practice, non-contact sparring and empty hand forms.

Kung Fu movements build up many areas of the physical body not usually used in daily actions or regular exercises. These movements help develop the body in ways that do not distress or injure one’s body. Those with pre-existing conditions may often find relief by simply practicing the movements Kung Fu teaches, even if conventional treatments have failed.

Training in Kung Fu can be challenging for students, but it pushes each person at a different pace while employing his or her own minds with self-discipline, willpower, strength, patience and most importantly confidence. These mental traits will enhance a student in class and in his or her daily life.

Our Masters and Certified Instructors have a one-on-one personal focus on each student and are there to help you reach your goals no matter your age, physical abilities or background. They are always happy to explain the practical applications behind the forms being taught or advice on reaching a physical goal.

As one advances, in physical fitness, they are also taught a curriculum of specific material necessary to advance in each rank. Students learn a new animal form and weapon for each color sash, while learning how to defend themselves at long-range, short-range, from the ground, with weapons and against multiple attackers.



Everyone can benefit from martial arts training, especially children.  Martial Arts are ideal for every type of child. Especially for those whom do not do well in team sports, special needs children, hyperactive children or children with discipline issues. Some of the main benefits, besides building a strong healthy body, are increasing self-esteem, builds self-discipline, teaches focus, increases concentration and encourages respect.

Children that train in Shaolin Kung Fu, are given the tools to empower their entire life and become a success in everything they do. Self-defense is taught as a means of protection not aggression. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, while learning strength, flexibility, focus and coordination. Eventually, the child’s individual talents and gifts are used for future development.



Formal Rank Testing is necessary to advance through the Kung Fu system. This is typically scheduled every three months and will be a chance to demonstrate the physical requirements and material learned by the individual student. Tests are usually scheduled on Saturdays and will have advanced notice in our newsletter.  Registration is required prior to testing for each individual student and there is a $25 testing free that covers all costs associated with the test.